I don't think remix has any creativity, as mostly new remix created by DJ's are adding CD squeaking sound and repeating their name as old saints does in their lyrics !
Most of the time I either like Original or their Remix, until I hear remix of "Mehngai Dayain".

I always like traditional folk songs, "Mehngai Dayain" is not an exception. I got "Mehngai Dayain Remix" along with other songs and I really like Remix along with Original Song.

Original :
Remix :

Do you like any other Remix along with Original Songs ?

High fat, High Calorie and High Fun Diet

Please tell me following is truth or it goes...
1) In US One Restaurant offer hamburger has maximum of 8000 calories
2) It has “Fry Bar” (French Fries Bar) like "salad bar"
3) All food cooked in "Lard" no substitution
4) You can eat free if you are 350 lb and over...
5) You can smoke unfiltered cigarettes in this restaurant...
6) There are full time "nurse" and "doctor" in this restaurant

...and unfortunately it’s not Fiction !

"Heart Attack Grill Clinic" is has all this features. They use various tag lines including “Taste worth dying for…” ,”High fat, High Calorie and High Fun Diet !”
Every customer is considered as patient and all waitresses are nurses. Watch video and you will see this waitress resembles more to “Hooters” than real nurses ! (No Brainer :) )

Once you ordered the food, you will get wrist tag showing what you ordered. Menu contain following options "Single", "Double", "Triple", and "Quadruple Bypass" and unlimited “Fry Bar”.

If you finish "Quadruple Bypass" then "Nurse" will put you in the wheelchair and drop you up to your car. Owner is Dr. Jon who is real Nutritionist !
You pay to eat “Quadruple” to get one free…as if other fast-food restaurant are not really doing this job !


...Coke, Pepsi is launching Natural Sports Drink !

You might have seen sprite can which says 100% Natural, but still it's a carbonized Drink. Everyone is market is now going towards natural product. So Coke and Pepsi is launching Natural sports Drink. Catch is you know about this product, but you never know that it considered as Sports Drink....Really ?
As per Coke and Pepsi Yes It is....

...and Product is Coconut Water....

Yes...Coke and Pepsi is launching new Sport Drink and it is real Coconut Water. Coca-Cola's coconut Water brand is Zico and and Pepsi is launching Amacoco. This is Brazil's Largest Coconut Water Company recently acquired by Pepsi.

As Coconut water contains calcium, magnesium and potassium so they are launching this as a Natural Sports Drink.

When I checked their site and found that this coconut water will be available in mango and passion fruit flavor and packed in Tetra Pack. So why natural product which has nice natural packing is to be sell in artificial pack ? If we go to any Asian market you will get green coconut around $1 or Goya Coconut water for the same price. Amazon is selling 11 Ounce for around $ 2.50. Amazon selling rank is 31,046 for Zico so looks like this is not very hot item. Amacoco is still not available on Amazon.

Let's say this item become so popular how Coke and Pepsi will fulfill the requirement ? So they will plant more coconut trees ? Or they will launch from Phillipens ? Or they will change this 'Natural drink' into 'not so natural drink ?'. Because when Pepsi and Coke started it was made from real sugar but due to market requirement and profitability, they removed real sugar and started using HFCS ( A very bad product and root cause of obesity).

I would prefer to buy green coconut at local grocery store, because I want Coconut Water and not 'Natural sports drink' !

...So what's next Mango flavored Sugar Cane Juice ?

Links :
1) Zico/
2) Amacoco

....modern Robinhoods !

"Inside Man" movie's last scene goes like this:
"...we see Frazier (Denzel Washington) go home to his girlfriend. While he takes off his gun and removes his badge from his pocket, he pulls out a diamond. He suddenly realizes how it got there. The person who had brushed against him earlier on that day in the bank was Russell (Clive Owen) himself, and somehow he had slipped the diamond into Frazier's pocket. Frazier smiles, realizing that he can now marry his girlfriend, as he has a proper ring to offer her."

When I watched this (all time favorite) movie, I marked this scene as "Typical Hollywood". When I was reading Readers Digest and stumble upon definition of one word - "Put Pocketing” means is the act of secretly putting money into someone’s pocket without them noticing.
This started in London as a publicity stunt by TalkTalk Communication Company.
Very nice and cleaver idea for publicity !
To make this reality, they hire (?) few former (?) Pick-Pocker and assign this responsibility to give money to common man in this hard time so that they can have few happy moments.
View their Video here.
If you caught them while putting money then they will take it back ! ( Funny segment is here)

... where is your 6th Sense ?

The traditional five senses are sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Extrasensory perception (ESP) is known as Sixth Sense. This is not very common.

....until now. MIT group developed the device which reconize Sixth Sense. See Video here.
So you will wear your 6th sense device and you are ready to get all information.

After I saw this video, I thought if someone go to the resturant and waiter will know your medical record (e.g. high colestrol) and she will recomond you dish which has less colestrol or you can get information about all menu when you enter into resturant. May be Waiter can get information how much balance is on your credit card or how much cash do you have, so that they will know will you able to pay your bill ? or are you "good tipper" or not ?.....

I can clearly see that there is another business opportunity to launch a product where you can block your 6th Sense identity to others. So then people will more interested to procted their sixth sense identity or their social security number ?

So if you pay $350 you can get your 6th sense device.

On the side note, "Microsoft's Project Natal" which means Video game without controller. This is based on part of this 6th sense technology and "Project Natal" is already marked as best product of 2009.

So it's not too late, when you meet your friend in grocessary shop and he might surprized to know that you you don't thave your 6th sense device while shopping and ask you, "Where is your 6th Sense ?"

... wanted 'Ambassador'

This is not a fake advertise. P&G wants Ambassador....yes Procter and Gamble wants Ambassador for their one major product which is in market for 25 years. Their work is to talk with the P&G customers and ask about the product experience. P&G will pay 10 K for this job. This job duration is from November 23 till December 31.

This Ambassador will have office in the New York City's Time square and enough space for customers to enjoy P &G’s product. After customer used this product; these ambassadors will interact with the customer and customers will share their experience about the product. This Ambassador will write all details and post all details on P&G site along with the photographs ( may be using this product !).

Do you really wonder why I use explanation Mark in my last sentence ?

...if so you might also wondered that what product P&G is promoting?

it's Charmin Tissue Paper !

This is called "Enjoy the Go" and this is second year of campaign. Charmin Representative told WSJ that, “This isn't your ordinary 9 AM - 5 PM job, and Charmin only asks that candidates should enjoy going to the bathroom so much - whether it be to catch up on reading or just enjoy some "me time" - they never want to leave.” WSJ Link

Not sure what P&G will achieve? Most probably cheap advertising… but really P&G need to do that ? I think people would prefer if P&G cut down Charmin’s cost and “enjoy” their product in their “favorite” place in the home. ;)

Here is the Link

….so Microsoft is really paying ? Really ?

Short and sweet answer is Yes.

Once a month I get forwarded mail from friends, which says, if you forward this mail to 10 people then Microsoft will pay you some Dollars. Without thinking twice people are forward this mails to 10 people. They never think that if Microsoft really want to give you money , they need your address and actual name, but no one thinks that, just forward. May be this is charisma of Microsoft….

So how Microsoft is paying now ? Is Bill Gates received all this messages ? or all this “forwared” peoples’ prayers are answered ?

No…answer is Bing !
Microsoft’s latest search engine. Like Google has it’s own meaning, bing has no meaning (Being said that, in Chinese it means disease).
More you search and start your buying process from bing, then you will be eligible for cashback. Is this revolutionary? probably not, fatwallet and similar sites are doing this for long time now they have competition from big shark.

So how this works ?
Assume you want to buy Halloween Costume from Wal-Mart, you have to go to and find Wal-Mart and very first time it ask you email address and you will be redirected to Wal-Mart site, so if you purchased $100 and your cash back is 5% then you will received $5 from bing.

Why Microsoft is fighting in search engine site, because Google is now entered into operating system business ? Or this is one area where Microsoft don’t have any footprints ?

What I like about Bing : When I searched Apple,Oracle it shows their customer support# in the search. When I searched ‘UPS tracking" it gives space for tracking number.
Bing keeps history (like browser history) of your search phrase, which is good, so that you can keep track.

Now to intelligence of browser. When I searched for “Dollar” Google gives me information about Dollar currency, and then Dollar rent a car, but as per Bing shows “Dollar Rent a Car” as a best match and then on 2nd place it’s shows Dollar page in Wikipedia. Bing is showing more business listing for word “Dollar” and less listing for “Dollar Currency”, so I think search engine should give more information about “Dollar as a Currency” and not dollar as a word. At- least I am expecting from “intelligent search engine”. If someone is searching for Dollar information from other side of the world, then showing “Dollar rent a car” as a preferred choice is really wrong choice. If you are reading this from outside the us, please search word “Dollar” in bing and post the details.

I decided that if I want to buy, I will use Bing otherwise Google is enough.